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What Is the Web, Also Known as the Internet or the World Wide Web?

digital_marketingThe Internet, also called the Web or the World Wide Web is a complex and vast system of hypertext documents all linked together and accessible through a web browser. The seeds of what we know today as the Internet started many years ago, but it was in 1989 that computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee proposed the Internet as we know it today. The original goal was not what we have today, but rather it was a means to create better communication with the CERN communication system.

Today, the Internet is firmly entrenched in the everyday life of most people. Images, videos, text, games, social networks, blogs, and more are easily accessible on the Internet. It is how people find information, interact with friends and family, and do much more. Businesses utilize the power of the Internet to find and inform customers. The world would be far different today without the World Wide Web.