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How Do You Create a Website?

singpost7Creating a website today is much easier than it was just several years ago and many business owners can create their own small sites with relative ease. However, hiring an actual developer or development company for the site creation will often bring about better results and a better overall site.

Quite a few things go into the creation of the website, and it is important to understand just what they are.

Web Design

Often, people use the term web design and web developer interchangeably, but there really is a difference between the two. The web design portion of creating a website is the part of the creation process that determines how the website looks and what it offers to visitors. Web and graphic designers will utilize design concepts and principles as a means to create a site that looks great, and that has good navigation in order to be user friendly.

Web Development

A web developer is generally more concerned with what is happening “under the hood” of the website instead. They deal with the way the pages work together and the programming for the pages. They program the site utilizing various languages and tools, and can keep the site up to date with all of the latest technology.

Of course, many developers and designers perform similar roles to one another so they can work on both aspects of the site. This is why the terms are so interchangeable in today’s world. Whenever a company is considering hiring someone to work on their site, they need to know what skills the person or company has and what they can offer when it comes to creating the site.

Web Hosting

The term web hosting is something else that causes a bit of confusion amongst those who are just starting to set up a site. They know they need designers and developers, but they may not know that they also need to have a host. A web host is used for publishing the site to the web. They literally act as the host for the site, providing it the virtual space it needs on the World Wide Web.

The web hosts store the website on web servers, which have a connection to a network. Whenever someone types in the URL, or clicks a link to go to the website, the server that holds the website will transfer the information to the computer that entered the address so the user can view the pages on the site.

Many different types of webhosts are available today. Some of the most popular web hosts include GoDaddy, Yahoo, Hostgator, and JustHost. This is just a small fraction of the number of hosts available though. Businesses and individuals need to look at all of the features that the host can offer, such as storage space, bandwidth, and security options when they are choosing their web host.